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Thread: 4X5 with Profoto (B1)

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    Re: 4X5 with Profoto (B1)

    That is the kind of cable I use.

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    Re: 4X5 with Profoto (B1)

    Quote Originally Posted by neildw View Post
    It's just a cable with connectors, if you plug it to the remote (or to the flash) and then you use any metal thing to short circuit the ends in the free conector then the flash (or remote) should fire.

    Check the pdf manual for your devices (flashes, remotes) to know if a socket is for input (to fire the flash or the remote) or for output (to fire other flashes or remotes).

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    Re: 4X5 with Profoto (B1)

    The Profoto site shows the B1x as having a 3.5mm mini phone cable.

    Copal shutters, from many documentation sources, indicate a standard PC connection.

    The Hama cable you linked to has a 3.5mm mini phone on one end, and a PC on the other. This system should work.

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    Re: 4X5 with Profoto (B1)

    The main issue is you are going to need a lot more power to go from typical 35mm working apertures (5.6-8) to get to 4x5 working apertures (16-22) for equivalent depth of field. As long as you are two stops away from using your heads at full power you should be fine. I shoot portraits with 500w Bowens heads and it's easy to get up to full power if your shooting through a soft box.

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