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Thread: Hello from Northern Va

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    Hello from Northern Va

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the Forum.

    I'm starting to 'get into' LF photography. I'm not new to photography, started with my father's Leica II, several other 35mm and medium format cameras (most of which I still have). I've been developing B&W film off and on for 20 years. Have recently been trying to get used to my father's Zeiss Maximar 207/7 9x12cm camera. I'm in Northern VA so can only get one type of 9x12 film in here in the US (Foma 100). And the camera controls are a bit stiff and the film holders are pretty rough. So have been thinking about getting a 4x5 for the relative ease of use and greater film choices (although I am playing with cutting down some x-ray film to 9x12, just need to get the exposures nailed down!).

    I've started by trying to read a lot and 'listen' in on the various threads here. I'm sure I'll have a load of questions.

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    Re: Hello from Northern Va

    Welcome, Jim. There are a few of us around these No VA parts, and this site is a goldmine.
    Philip U.

    Sine scientia ars nihil est.

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    Re: Hello from Northern Va

    Welcome to the forum, Jim. Most of us started with 35mm or medium format. Some of the new ones started with digital. It's all good in my opinion. Be sure to click onto the LF Home Page at the top left of this page. You can also search for info at the top right of this page. Feel free to ask questions about anything. There are plenty of knowledgeable people here who will be glad to help you!


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