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Thread: Post your images of Liquor

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    Re: Post your images of Liquor

    Quote Originally Posted by Graeme Hamilton View Post
    Shot my first color image! Not perfect but getting closer, my desire to spend less time compositing is pushing me forward...

    Kodak Portra 160, multi exposure @ 1 sec each, developed by Holland Photo here in Austin, Calumet CC-400 with Caltar II-N 135 @ f/11
    Very nice, I have 2 of the good old CC Calumet cameras one is the long bellows the other is the wide angle camera. I want to try some Portra with this nice winter light coming in my south facing windows.
    Can you imagine the old days guys shooting 8x10 Ektachrome for catalogs with no Polaroid.

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    Re: Post your images of Liquor

    I would be lost without Photoshop, but I think we are on opposite journeys! I'm trying to spend less time compositing and more time shooting, that digital image (digital start to finish) was only about 30 minutes to shoot but 5 hours of compositing (although I'm not the most expert). The image I just posted I shot from start to finish on one negative with multiple exposures, so the compositing did itself on the film. Admittedly there are some things I would change in regards to the lighting, but once I started shooting I couldn't see it through the camera without removing the film holder, so I had to kinda guess and try to imagine how the different highlights and shadows would add up.
    Also- I can't imagine the understanding of exposure those old guys must have had, I used the EVF on my Sony a99 as a crutch to make sure all the levels for each lighting setup looked ok.

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    Re: Post your images of Liquor

    I think time spend making the composition is the best part of photography. It is the creative part of the process, where you really use what you have learned, what you see, and what is pleasing to the eye, Great shots
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