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Thread: Leather conditioner for bellows?

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    Re: Leather conditioner for bellows?

    Hi Steve,

    The bellows in hand seem to be raw leather, no silk lining. The standard Arca bellows seems to have a felt/silk lining...

    I was also trying to figure out what you mentioned in your post referring to inside and outside...

    Do you mean test on a small spot inside and if does not cause damage then apply?

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    Re: Leather conditioner for bellows?

    With most bellows, the strength comes from the net inside... Pushing, pulling is on the net inside, but the sealing and attractive finish is on the outside... If that net gets damaged, the bellows are a goner...

    The leather just needs treatment from one side, which is the outside where it is usually applied, so test a spot on the outside bottom where it is hard to see... See if it discolors or loosens the material and wait until truly dry... Application on one side is ok as this will penetrate the material...

    I used to get Venetian Cream from camera shows, and that worked the best, but use Lexol generally now...

    Just careful with thin dry leather coverings as they are very delicate when wet with preservative...

    Steve K

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