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Thread: Quality Papers

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    Kevin Kolosky
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    Quality Papers

    I realize its subjective opinion, but I would like to know what you think are the highest quality photographic papers (silver based) on the market today, and why.

    Or, to put it another way, if you are selling your fine prints, what paper are you using to make those prints, and why.

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    jp's Avatar
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    Re: Quality Papers

    Most of the options are high quality. The market has been survival of the fittest and art oriented rather than mass consumer oriented.

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    Re: Quality Papers

    If I told you Ilford matt fb paper was the best , many here would say I was crazy, but in fact many printers us this paper in conjunction with bleach sepia and selenium and it is outstanding.

    There fore I would suggest most papers on the market are of high quality when used in a manner that suits the printer and photographer.

    I like the Ilford papers btw but love foma for lith printing , Slavich as well for lith.

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    Re: Quality Papers

    All papers I've tried so far are of high quality, at least the fiber ones. In terms of surface texture, I find Ilford hard to beat, but for lith, I'm with Bob on the fomatone.

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    Re: Quality Papers

    Quote Originally Posted by bob carnie View Post
    If I told you Ilford matt fb paper was the best , many here would say I was crazy,
    I love matte paper!!
    Who would call that crazy??

    I love the standard Ilford Matte, but you've really gotta nail the print, contrast, and everything to make a truly stunning print. If you're off a doesn't work. Glossy is certainly a bit easier to print, IMO.

    Ilford's Warmtone semimatte is also fantastic and my favorite as an in-between, easy to print but not super glossy. One has to keep watch on the highlights though.

    Ilford's ART 300 paper is gorgeous if you have the right image to match it...

    All of Ilford's papers are top-notch. The choice of which paper these days is not so much about quality but feel and personal opinion on the look of said papers.
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    Re: Quality Papers

    As others have already said, IMO most of the silver papers today are very good. The only one I didn't care for was the new Oriental stuff...not even close to the old Seagull! My absolute favorite, though, if I had to pick just one would be Ilford MGFB Warmtone.

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    Dave Karp
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    Re: Quality Papers

    I really like Adox MCC 110.

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    Re: Quality Papers

    Pretty much all of the FB/ rag based darkroom papers on the market today are first class. Thankfully we seem to be getting past the 'silver-rich' BS. Two particular favourites are Fomatone & Ilford's Art300.

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    Re: Quality Papers

    Quote Originally Posted by David Karp View Post
    I really like Adox MCC 110.
    This has been my favorite paper since 2010; beautiful blacks and clean whites. I also use Ilford Classic much of the time.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Quality Papers

    Except for basic quality control, "Best" always has been and always will be a subjective issue. In fact, what is best for one image might not be best for the next, even when the same printmaker is involved. I've printed on four different papers using three different developers just this month. Every one of them can be called a premium quality paper; but even each of these has more than one personality, depending how it's handled. Who ever heard of an ice cream shop with only one flavor?

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