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Thread: Any LF users in Australia?

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    Any LF users in Australia?

    I am moving to Australia early next year. Just wondering whether any LF users in Aussie and where do you get your supply. Might stock up some films here in UK and packed along with my other stuffs in cargo.



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    Any LF users in Australia?

    Hi Chong, There are a few of us out here. To where are you moving in Australia? Supplies come from all over. What are you looking for. Fotoimpex in Germany might be a good place to stock up on film before you come here. Good luck!

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    Any LF users in Australia?

    Hi David,
    Thank you for your quick reply. I will be moving to Coffs Harbour, NSW. Is there a good photographic shop in Sydney for 8x10 b&w films and 4x5 transparencies?



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    Any LF users in Australia?

    I live in Melbourne but there aren't many places around for 8x10 black and white. JandC Photo sells and ships the stuff here. They are having a sale that ends at the end of today's US business day for free shipping and discounts on film. Many have ordered from them in the past and they are good. Vanbar Photographics is a pretty good place for the smaller stuff like 4x5 transparencies. There are probably others, but I don't live there and can't give you could advice about Sydney.

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    Any LF users in Australia?

    I can't help you with your questions about film (I get my Velvia 5x4 sent from Robert White) but I'd like to welcome you to Oz.

    Skip over to Kalgoorlie if you have a free fortnight and say gday.


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    Michael Hewson
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    Any LF users in Australia?

    G'day Chong
    I'm in Brisbane - and get film etc through Kayell (although they have to order my Velvia 4*5 quickloads). Otherwise I frequent L&P in Sydney -

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    Any LF users in Australia?

    G'day to everyone. Thank you all for your information. I am definitely looking forward to moving across to Oz. I went on Vanbar site and happy to know that they carry E6 processing kits. I will be doing a lot of the E6 processing myself. Michael, Brisbane is not too far from Coffs Harbour. Perhap, will look up for you when I am there after I am more settled.

    Graeme, postage must be expensive from UK to Australia.



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    Any LF users in Australia?

    Another LF photograper in Sidney:

    Leigh Perry

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    Any LF users in Australia?

    I was in the Blue Mountains, Sydney and am now in Darwin for a stint... I usually order O.S. from the internet.

    Leonard Murray Metcalf BA Dip Ed MEd

    Len's gallery
    Lens School

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    Any LF users in Australia?

    I understand there are a bunch of LF photographers in Australia. Looking at eBay they all use Lomo type cameras per the LF auction listings.

    --Dan Smith, 2005-10-01 07:30:50

    These morons annoy us just as much as you!

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