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Thread: Toilets in the Back-country?

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    Re: Toilets in the Back-country?

    Indeed those rotor clouds are deadly! I don't fly when there are rotor clouds, which also tell of equally deadly clear air turbulence. The common afternoon thunderheads that occur will also bring a plane down with deadly results.
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    Re: Toilets in the Back-country?

    Nothing created thunderheads on hot August afternoons quite like that venturi right between Shuteye and Kaiser Pk, pulling weather like a bellows toward the confluence of the three forks of the San Joaquin, then toward Mammoth Pass. That's the second highest canyon wall on the continent, and was my front porch view for decades. But I loved being in the high country on those days, chuggin up some hot canyon, then have a refreshing hail storm come down on you. I'd catch the hail in my hat, then plop that on my head to keep me cool after the hail stopped. That trick wouldn't have worked last time I was in the Wind River Range in Wyoming - that hail was as big as marbles and hurt like heck.

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