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Thread: Digital printing: Papers for Black and white

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    Re: Digital printing: Papers for Black and white

    I've been very happy with Moab Juniper.

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    Re: Digital printing: Papers for Black and white

    For bookmaking, the paper must fold cleanly. I have tried almost every duo paper that is semi-gloss/luster/pearl. They all have a coating that cracks and fragments at the fold. So I've settled on a matte paper.

    Among the ones you list, Moab Entrada Rag (bright or natural) is very fine. They even sell batches in which the grain of the paper is indicated (grain short or long). As good as the Moab is the top-end Red River duo matte paper, at less than half the cost. That is what I'm using now, with great satisfaction.

    Other commentators are correct -- some of the ink on matte paper tends to rub off onto the facing page. Instead of interleaving the pages of the book, I have given the pages a very light spray of varnish before binding.

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