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Thread: Epson SC-P800 & Epson Print Layout

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    Epson SC-P800 & Epson Print Layout

    Hi Guys,

    I have just made my first print with 17" roll paper on my Epson SC-P800 having previously just used standard cut sheet sizes.
    I set my roll paper size to 431.8mm (17") x 594mm, the same length as A2, so it would fit in my A2 storage boxes.
    The image I printed was in landscape so I set the leading edge border to 10mm to be as economical as I could with the paper. Strangely, however, the image didn't start printing until 60mm of paper had been fed and the cut-off line was printed at 25mm after the image had completed. This meant that the overall paper feed was 659mm (approx. 26").
    This is frustrating as I need to make a cut to both the leading and trailing edges without guidelines and have wasted 65mm (2.6") per print or, terrifyingly, 1308mm (51 1/2") with my 12m roll of Hahnemuhle Photo Rag
    Does anyone know why this has happened and how I can adjust a setting to cure it?
    I suppose that knowing this I could reduce my leading edge border to zero, which I presume would give an actual figure of 15mm, and not print a cut-line on the trailing edge but I would prefer to find a better solution.

    Thanks ...Sweep

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    Re: Epson SC-P800 & Epson Print Layout

    I've noticed this kind of thing even on my 4880 - I wonder if there's a certain minimum leading/trailing edge requirement for feeding or to get enough paper out for the vacuum to be effective in holding the paper flat. Just guessing, though. I'd kind of like to know the answer as well.

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    Re: Epson SC-P800 & Epson Print Layout

    Seems sort of logical from Epson’s standpoint that if A2 is not big enough, the next level is 65,9cm long coming from roll paper. So that could well be a default setting in the printer when it detects a roll. Overruling such a setting might be necessary to do by independent software, PS perhaps?

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    Re: Epson SC-P800 & Epson Print Layout

    I have a P7000 and the leading edge requires a minimum of .55 inches. Some of the standard preset sizes have an option for centering the image on a sheet. If using rolls, there is no centering option. If you’re creating custom sizes you need to allow for the .55 inch leading edge and adjust the cutter on the printer.

    There are certain borderless print sizes permitted, but these are set at the factory and cant be changed. The widths for borderless prints are very specific and 17” is one of the borderless widths set at the factory. Create a custom paper and set the size to 17” by length?? Set the non-printable area margins to 0”. Select roll paper — borderless and adjust the cutter if necessary on the printer. If using sheets, select Sheet feeder — borderless, Auto-Expand.

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    Re: Epson SC-P800 & Epson Print Layout

    Hi Guys and thanks for your replies. I had thought this topic was going to remain undiscussed.
    I did think about the amount of leading edge paper required but essentially 17" is the same width as A2 and that will print with the true border required so this can't be the case.
    I have just had a look to see if Borderless printing is available for 17" Roll paper and it is! Selecting this option allows the minimum border to be reduced to -3.5mm. Presumably, however, this would still give the phantom 50mm (2") - 3.5 = 46.5mm of waste.
    The SC-P800 doesn't have an auto cutter but will print a dotted guideline for knife or scissor cut. Annoyingly, however, I don't think I can feed the paper out of the front of the printer so I can do a manual cut without adding the cut line. Like I said before the cut line is 15mm after the programmed length of the print

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