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Thread: Tripod Head (Induro) Question[s]

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    Tripod Head (Induro) Question[s]

    I recently picked up an Toyo-View 45G rig - weighs in around 6.6KG . . .

    My existing tripod and ball head is not rated for that kind of weight, so I've been scouring the interwebs for a bargain basement priced head and legs (like that really exists). Anyway . . .

    I was wondering, what large format shooters feel about the Induro PHD3 Dual Action Pan and Tilt Head? It lack the long-arms usually found on P/T heads, but does support a considerable amount of weight, like 26lbs. I have also been considering monopods heads by Induro, because they claim to support quite a lot of weight
    and I'm not thinking I need much side-to-side movement in the rig.

    Anyway, thanks.
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    Re: Tripod Head (Induro) Question[s]

    Quote Originally Posted by RobertJSherman View Post
    Induro PHD3 Dual Action Pan and Tilt Head?
    I'll be very interested in any feedback as well--I made a similar query over on Fred Miranda's site a few months ago, but didn't get much additional info.

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    Re: Tripod Head (Induro) Question[s]

    I use an older Induro PHT-2 pan head, rated at 26+lbs, much cheaper than a PHD-3. The only thing I dislike about it is the folding control arms.

    Of course, I would also recommend the Benro that replaces the out of production Induro, it uses Arca compatible plates.
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    Re: Tripod Head (Induro) Question[s]

    I use the larger PHQ-3 sucessfully with 4x5 cameras, Sinar, Graflex, Pacemaker and Wista 45RF. Equally use this with my PhaseOne digital back outfit and up to 300mm lens. (Link is to the PHQ-1 but the 3 is larger and sturdier, also more expensive)

    The folding arms need to get used to but the 5 way action makes life a bit easier.


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