Here is where I would hesitate. Anything that is automatic, semi-automatic with little or no control over the process. Ie, there are processes that are automatic and allow you to change certain parameters within the process, but never give the end use complete control over what happens. The problem with even a wedding and 2,000 pictures is that maybe 70% of them are all within a certain range if you will where you can apply a canned sharpening routine, even a so-called smart sharpen routine, and they look okay to look at on a cell phone. The other 30% fall outside the range and will look horrible because it is that 30% that will be noticed. When it is the whole lot will be considered bad.

I want tools that I can automate myself, yet have 1000% control over every aspect of the process. I tried photoshop smart sharpen and didn't like it. I used to use USM, but it was a bear to use most of the time. I like high pass for now as it seems to allow me to do a good job overall and I can use mid tone sharpening with it. But even it has its short comings. I tried Nik pre,post raw sharpening, and wasn't impressed in the least. Perhaps it is best to sharpen at capture (when scanning) and avoid sharpening for output. Just a thought. I know my negatives appear to be much sharper than any scan I have made.

Anyway, I am gonna do some playing around this weekend if I don't over eat since it is Veterans Day/weekend and we get all kinds of free meals the whole weekend.