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Thread: First 8x10 - Stenopeika or The Italian Camera

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    Re: First 8x10 - Stenopeika or The Italian Camera

    Getting your hands on as many different 8x10 cameras as you can will tell you more about whats going to work for you than looking at the advertising.
    Just a thought.
    Don't dismiss used cameras either.
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    Re: First 8x10 - Stenopeika or The Italian Camera

    I got a Bellatrix two weeks ago, used, off eBay. For the 700 Eur I payed, I don't think I could have found a better option for the use I make of it.

    I am starting to shoot portraits with flash in a studio with a Symmar-S 300mm, so I don't need a lot of movement or extension, or use it for long exposures.
    The lens weighs 1.2 kg, and the camera seems plenty sturdy to me, but it is early days. My main motivation was the weight and the budget, since I use it occasionally and I can't leave the camera in the studio. I am looking for a smaller and lighter lens to make the setup even more portable and put less strain on the camera.

    Most of the camera is made of Alu, the 3D printing is really the frames that hold the lens board and the GG (the white bits on the images on their website are the 3D printed bits).

    So far, I have only had minor difficulties:
    1) the Sinar board I got from China did not fit and had to be filled down 0.5mm, I don't know whether it was the lensboard or the frame that was not at the required dimensions
    2) it took me a while to figure out the easiest way to get the film holders in and out, but it's fine now.
    3) the GG is plastic, on the upside it doesn't break as easily, on the downside it is harder to focus. I have glass screen lying around somewhere that i might try

    I contacted the Alessandro Gibellini with a couple of questions, and he was very responsive.

    If you are on a budget, another possibility is the Bulldog kit. I have seen them recently on ebay.

    That's all I can say

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