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Thread: Where can I find the want-buy and For-sale sub forum

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    Red face Where can I find the want-buy and For-sale sub forum

    I want to buy some gear and accessories here, and get some professional advice at the same time, so Where I can post and Where i can find the sub forum as the FAQ said. THANKS !

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    Re: Where can I find the want-buy and For-sale sub forum

    30 day waiting period from sign-up for the sales forum.

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    Re: Where can I find the want-buy and For-sale sub forum

    Welcome, Sherry.

    From the Usage Guidelines:

    Buy-Sell Sub-forums

    Classifieds (for sale, for trade, or wanted ads) should only be posted in the appropriate sub-forum, which is open only to those who have been members for 30 days or more.

    The default presentation of the forum is the "Unified View" - the results of a predefined search showing recent posts from most sub-forums that you have not read/seen . To get to the For-Sale section, after you've been a member for over 30 days, you need to go to the real forum index by clicking on the forum logo at the upper left, or the "Forum" button in the middle of the navigation bar. Once there, you'll see a listing of the topic areas. Scroll down to the "Community" section, where you'll find the Buy/Sale sub-forums. Click on the title to enter the sub-forum. Be sure to read the section of the Usage Guidelines that pertain to this area.

    Be sure to check the "Remember Me" box when logging in from a secure PC. Otherwise, various functions on the forum won't work as expected.

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