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Thread: Leica LF lens (?) :)

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    Re: Leica LF lens (?) :)

    Thanks for chiming in Steve, that is a lot of good information about the lens and its usage! Today I mounted the lens to a Panasonic GF to see how it works of Micro43. It's been a while since I am in handheld mode and operating the Hector/GF1 combo is like hand holding a 400mm lens, very jiggly :-)

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    Re: Leica LF lens (?) :)

    Thanks, but I hope I remember all this correctly, it's been over a decade or more...

    I think I used to see them on 3X4 cameras, so I don't know what happens inside the rest of the IC, but maybe swirly wide
    open or just poor quality image... But you inspired me to try this on 4X5, something I never considered doing... Might have a special effect quality...

    If I used it for multi exposures, my self cocking shutters are usually Polaroid, so one of the Leitz tubes screwed to it, but I was buying a large system of Leitz, Olympus etc scientific macro stuff at the time and was buying many odd orphan parts for 35mm & 4X5 macrophotography, so it might be an oddball part... (I have to dig this stuff out someday...)

    Post your results about what the rest of the IC looks like...

    Steve K

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    Re: Leica LF lens (?) :)

    Here are a few slightly more successful test shots made with lens mounted on a M43 digital. Obviously not LF but just a quick sampling of the optic. All shot at F11 at iso 800 with camera/lens on tripod.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Tomato.jpg   bigyellow.jpg   leaves.jpg   Budha.jpg  


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