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Thread: Is a house camera ULF?

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Is a house camera ULF?

    Ho hum. Where will it end? Now that the neighborhoods where techies work are too expensive for them to live in, even with six-figure incomes, and they're resorting to living in camper shells and motorhomes, maybe one of them with a creative urge will configure one of these vehicles into a camera obscura for the world's biggest single pixel.

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    Re: Is a house camera ULF?

    Quote Originally Posted by ghostcount View Post

    Largest photo direct from camera?

    Anyone know the lens? He has the markings taped up.
    Looked at first sight like the Nikkor 1780mm f14 to me, i know he has one) but based on the magnification and the distance, it could be very well a custom/modified lens with a longer focal length that he wants to keep a "secret".

    The Nikkor 1780mm doesn't have sufficient coverage for this size of plate ... OTOH, my 4000mm f27 lens does cover well over 8ft wide.

    I believe the video shows two different lenses for the two images but I didn't analyze all details yet.


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