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Thread: Concept for a Shutter Tester

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    Re: Concept for a Shutter Tester

    I went out to the beach a couple weekends ago and thought I was so clever timing the shutter and setting it to precisely 1/6 second. Took a couple shots.

    Then I realized I was shooting waves and needed 1/250, so I was back to the old “pick highest speed and hope it’s pretty close”

    I want to know why hasn’t someone made a shutter tester from a scrapped digital camera. Seems you should be able to quantify exposure fairly accurately with an imaging sensor

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    Re: Concept for a Shutter Tester

    yeah digital sensors arent that easy to hook up to a sound card with 32 input/output pins, an array, used to transfer the image data to a CPU.

    BTW LF and MF leaf shutters are the same, except for the housings they are mounted in. the cells are mounted exactly the same way, screw directly into the shutter as well. Dont be fooled by the plastic exteriors.

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