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Thread: Concept for a Shutter Tester

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    Re: Concept for a Shutter Tester

    Quote Originally Posted by Havoc View Post
    Difficult if you don't have access to a scoop or pulse counter. The most generic idea I have is to use a turntable. You know, the thing they used to listen to those big flat carriers they called LP's.

    You could make a heavy paper disk that overhangs the platter and make slits in it. Depending on your rpm selected and the size of the opening you can calculate what you should get. If you have a direct drive one, that should do great. Haven't tested this so no idea how precise it would be. But it would be at least a means to know if you are measuring something sensible or not.

    Another idea would be to use a camera with a good electronic shutter control. Something like a later film EOS or equivalent from another brand would do fine.
    Alas...I tested an EOS Rebel Ti and the timing seemed to be really close to the theoretical values (at least up to ~1/500th or so). Meaning my older cameras are indeed slower than they should be :/
    I'll have to live with it for a while, I guess.
    Anyway: the Adafruit circuit with the custom code seems to be good enough for now.


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    Re: Concept for a Shutter Tester

    Another type of test I tought of in the mean time would be a drop shutter. If carefully build these only depend on gravity and the size of the slit for obtaining an exposure time.
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    Re: Concept for a Shutter Tester

    Yes, I bought one from Lucas direct several years ago.

    Quote Originally Posted by koh303 View Post

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    Re: Concept for a Shutter Tester

    very cool. it doesnt get any easier than that.

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    Re: Concept for a Shutter Tester

    In hobby electronics magazines from the 70s thru the 90s had at least one shutter tester/timer every couple of years. Hands On, Popular Electronics, Radio-Electronics, et al for the US. Practical Electronics, Electronics Today (International, Australia, Canada) and others for those across the pond from the US.

    Now I know what you are saying, lot of good that does me now. Well head on over to and start looking around. Use the search function for each magazine archive. Try shutter, darkroom, strobe, and flash. Then go back and look at some of the radio construction articles from the 20s. There were some nice looking receivers. In the beginning of radio it was mostly DIY.

    If you like analog meters - Practical Electronics August 1977 p640. Uses a jelly bean 741 op amp as an integrator. Sounds fancy but its just an IC hooked up a certain way. It can be calibrated with a stop watch.
    if you want a digital readout - Electronics Today (UK) May 1994 p34. This is a complex project for beginners, basically a pulse counter. Lots of CMOS logic.

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