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Thread: Ever felt in the minority?

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    Re: Ever felt in the minority?

    I wish I had a bucket of popcorn : ) There are a plethora of valid points here. I like analogies. A close friend argued with me ad nauseum telling me the bang for the buck is better with his Corvette compared to my 2006 Boxster S, it has more options, more displacement, goes faster...yadayadayada. I could only simply respond, "Yes, and you get more food at a buffet." I see digital in that light, but I don't see digital as inferior I simply don't enjoy it as much anymore. Yes Steve, you are in the minority, but you should relish that. I have always lived by the credo that you do what makes YOU happy. Personally I don't much give a crap what anyone thinks about what I do or how I do it. And I have had a similar experience with a commercial photographer (a good friend) just recently. If this isn't a blanket statement I don't know what is: "Digital is better in every single category you can name: resolution, speed, tonality, color, portability, support, technology..., film is D E A D" (yes he spelled it out). I can't argue with that, he's close minded. Of course, he's right on a LOT of those, but not perhaps on all. How did he end the comment? "I make a living doing this Andy, you don't..." So I can either choose to let it bother me, or load another roll of Acros in my Hassy and head out the door. Head out the door and do what makes you happy. One of the greatest mental freedoms is truly not caring what anyone else thinks of you.

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    Re: Ever felt in the minority?

    Good for you, and I concur. We take time to stop and smell the roses.

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    Re: Ever felt in the minority?

    you cant criticize how an artist uses his brushes.

    whatever it takes to create your image is irrelevant, the only thing relevant is the image itself.

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