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When I asked the same question in my youth, it was a very different time. In the day, 1950's and 60's, b&w silver gelatin, dry mounted prints were the norm. They did not have to be large; my early work was 4x5 contact prints, and later, 8x10 contact prints. Presentations were in person; slides were desired by some galleries and museums, although a poor representation of a silver print. I never sent slides, but did not hesitate to drive cross country to make a presentation. Today, a good scan is an acceptable alternative. Most competitions, if one wished to go that route, were free.

So, to your question; personal contact is important, presentation should be of your best work, and most importantly, have a cohesive group to show. Above all, you need a strong passion for what you are doing, and an idea of what it is you want to achieve. Everyone, it seems, is a photographer today; you will have stiff competition for wall space.

As mentioned earlier, you are fortunate to have such a fine gallery at your doorstep, Viewpoint Gallery in Sacramento. The members are a talented group, many fine photographers, and a diverse offering of programs. Be sure to check them out, you will find like minded individuals, and likely develop friendships. I exhibited there a dozen years ago, before the gallery moved to the present downtown location. This is an exciting time in your life, and in the field of photography.

Wishing you great success.
What Merg said

Personal contact is extremely important, a well thought out grouping of photographs that are easily viewed is mandatory IMHO.
Also taking the time to see the gallery , meet the owners and curators at one of their events, to see if you even like the people you are approaching.

I really like Merg's line (but did not hesitate to drive cross country to make a presentation) this is critical to really gage interest from both parties.