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The GII bag bellows is made of a durable synthetic material and excellent. Don't buy one of those to scrap, but rather to use. Any square bellows on 3rd gen frames can be removed and sent to Dynatect for duplication, if that's what you want. They will make the new bellows to any length you want.

I reached out to the Mac Group --- all I got was "sorry, no one has these and we don't know who to refer you to." response.

You are right, I was thinking about grabbing a bag bellows (crappy condition) and converting it to the 160mm bellows . . .
KEH has one listed as "ugly" - for cheap -- I was leaning on doing that. So far, any standard bellows I've seen listed are the same as what I have . . . I'm still looking. I am planning on giving KEH a call about this.

Also considering some alternative ways to make do -- I'm in the midst of trying to buy a house and my budget is super tight. I have some book repair tape and can easily pickup something to seal the corners -- it would be a pain in the a$$ -- I mean like every corner in the bellows I have has a shiny pinhole. Rudy indicates it'll take about a 3 - 4 weeks for his product to reach me . . . I thought seriuosly about ordering his bellows and another (just like mine) from Japan - I would more thna one frame to play with - easily take one apart and have a back up if I mess something up. I also found another bellows maker in NC -- Nabell Corporation.

You have been a huge help, and I'm super greatful.

p.s. just got off the phone with KEH, they are going to check on the frames and get back to me.