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Thread: A Lightweight 14x17 Build

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    Re: A Lightweight 14x17 Build

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Fitzgerald View Post
    Some more of the camera. Very satisfying build and my best yet.
    Hi Jim
    great looking camera! One question as I am in the process of making one myself- where did you source the rear hinge hardware and back-tilt pieces?
    thx and great job!

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    Re: A Lightweight 14x17 Build

    Eric, nice to hear you are building your own. The tilt back pieces can be made from aluminum and then anodized. In my case I have some nice connections with Chamonix cameras and I was able to get the parts from them. They do not sell these parts but I have friends in the right places. The hinges are the part that is the hardest to source here. I believe Chamonix makes these specifically for their cameras. Look up Dick Phillips cameras and see the hinges he uses. Look at several cameras and you will find a work around.

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