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Thread: Wet Scanning negatives

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    Re: Wet Scanning negatives

    Quote Originally Posted by Alan9940 View Post
    Steven, my immediate guess is that it's the lugs on the SP-445 holders. Lots of folks, including me, have reported issues of the lugs gouging the emulsion. I have sanded the corners, etc, of the lugs on my v3 holders, but still get marks on my film. My v1 holders, so far, work without issue. To be honest, I have stopped using the SP-445 for any serious work.
    I am starting to come to that conclusion. I was looking at this and I am considering going to tray development.

    It is a lot of work to get that annoying streak out. It must be the way the liquid enters and exits the tank or swirls around. I think for my next try with the tank, I am going to vigorously agitate for 1 minute, then agitate as usual. I also thought about semi stand to stand development as well after vigorous agitation.

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    Re: Wet Scanning negatives

    The options appear to be:
    1: Drum on manual roller,
    2: Drum on Jobo,
    3: Trays,
    4: Hangers, manual,
    5: Hangers, gas burst,
    7: Trays plus slosher.
    8: Brush development in trays,
    9: Beyond the Zone System tubes,
    10: Minimal Agitation in tubes, ala Steve Sherman.

    By far the cheapest is trays. It works very well with robust film. (It's not a good system for developing easily scratched film.)
    I use Jobo Expert drums with a CPP-2, but that route has gotten much more expensive than when I bought mine. BTZS tubes are a good choice for fairly small amounts of film.
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    Re: Wet Scanning negatives

    Like Peter, I use Expert Drums on the CPP-2 for "regular" film development. I do use a stainless steel Nikkor style 4x5 tank and tanks/hangers when doing minimal and/or stand development. As Peter suggests, I'd look into the BTZS tubes, but do a bit of research first because I've heard the newer black tubes (at least, for 8x10) can scratch the base side of the film. If you're doing 4x5, you may want to consider a Jobo 2509n reel for the 2500 series tank; cheaper than the Expert Drum and you would have the option to spin on a rotary base or inversion agitation.

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