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Thread: V700 Scan Sandwich: BtrScning Wet Dry Station, Extra ANR Glass

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    V700 Scan Sandwich: BtrScning Wet Dry Station, Extra ANR Glass

    The fractures of the old people or children will be calming away by the Hip futons with unique bedding and furniture with suitable accents. For the exhibition in the 20th annual futon of & Special Sleep exhibition from March 21 to March 23, It is also the focus that they are concerned with and paying attention to.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: V700 Scan Sandwich: BtrScning Wet Dry Station, Extra ANR Glass

    ANR is not a coating, until I know.

    When it's used with an scanner it's placed between the illumination and the negative, but not between the negative and the lens, as ANR is slightly frosted.

    I you wet mount you don't need ANR glass, because you won't have Newton rings, as the mounting fluid has similar Refractive index than glass.

    The V700 has 2 different lenses inside, one is used (automaticly) with holders and covers 5.9" width, and the other one is used with the area guide. That second lens is focused (I guess) on the bed glass surface and not at some height over the bed.

    You can also get the (spare) MF film holder of the V800/850. It comes with an ANR glass that's placed on the film. You just need to place the curled side to the top and then the ANR glass will kepp it flat. That new holder has height adjustment.

    You also can keep the negatives inside a big book during a week, protected with the slevees, to get flat (or flatter) negatives.

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    Re: V700 Scan Sandwich: BtrScning Wet Dry Station, Extra ANR Glass

    I wet mount my negatives using betterscanning adjustable holder. I use anr gkass and optical mylar. You mount the negative emulsion tiwards on the shinyvside of tge anrcglass, add more fluid then put ootical mylar over the negative sandwiching the negative between it and glass.

    Next, I put a large chem wipe, cleaning cloth over the optical mylar and use a brayer roller to squeeze out excess fluid and air bubbles. This also flattens out negative and seaks the fluid in so it wont evaporate.

    Mount glass on holder by putting it with film pointing away from you. This will then put the frosted non reflective side of anr towards light source (scanner lid) then scan.

    U found my dustance to glass surface with negative from scanner glass to be approximately 0.125 inches or 3.175mm.

    I also thought about using a second anr glass in place of optical mylar. Would be reusable and not scratch, but I am concerned about it not coming loose easily and breaking or sealing adequately. I just have to try though. If it works would be a plus.

    I highly recommend the wet mount betterscanning holder.

    I use an Epson V850

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