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Thread: where to get help with an Epson 4800 that's jamming

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    where to get help with an Epson 4800 that's jamming

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    Re: where to get help with an Epson 4800 that's jamming

    Does it do it with plain paper as well as heavier photo paper? I;m wondering if the platen height setting might be off - I had head strikes on thicker papers before I set it.

    Not really sure it's called "Platen Height" - might be something like "Gap" but there's definitely a parameter to set it.

    Just a SWAG. Hope you figure it out. Last time I needed a service guy here in Tucson it was more that $250 - maybe more than $500 IIRC - it was a while ago.

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    Re: where to get help with an Epson 4800 that's jamming

    Get a service manual, and go through the trouble shooting steps.
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