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Thread: Tripod recommendations?

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    Re: Tripod recommendations?

    Well, I bought an "overpriced object of criminal desires" Novoflex Triopod kit with additional Triopod PRO75 apex. The system is modular, the legs unscrew and can be attached to either apex (the Triopod apex is small, light and still quite sturdy, perfect for 35mm or a medium format rig with a standard lens, while the PRO75 is much larger and heavy duty, works well with medium format and long lenses as well as large format).

    I've only had it a month or so, but so far I can say I'm very happy with it. I still have my 25 year old Gitzo Reporter, also a fine tripod, but much heavier and not nearly as tall as the Novoflex.

    As far as heads go, I can't comment on the Novoflex heads, never tried them. I have an old RRS ball head that works for my MF gear and an Arca Swiss D4 that I use with the large format setup. Both work very well, although based on the fit and finish of the Novoflex tripod I'll certainly give one of their heads a try next time I'm in the market for one. Tripods and heads are generally things I try to purchase once to cover my needs, and be done with.

    Thanks again for the suggestions, comments and opinions.

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    Re: Tripod recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by CreationBear View Post
    Ha, I happened to be in Trier not long after Ratzinger became pope and was initially puzzled why there wasn't quite the same outpouring of emotion the Poles showed for John Paul...
    Yeah, Trier is a cute little town ... There was a bishop in Trier, Marx, same name as Karl Marx, who came from Trier, too, before he lived in London. The bishop followed Ratzinger as arcbishop of Munich. So, the circle to the Bavarians is closed.

    Trier was, after Rome and Verona, the third-greatest city of the roman antiquity.

    People in the Trier-region produce some great wines (e.g. Ayler Kupp). I think people who produce wine aren't much fanatic. The problem with the Poles is that they don't cultivate wine. Look at the PiS-party in Poland - they are so sincere that they even don't realize how funny the name of their political party is. - Wine and catholicism - sinning and forgiving, and not having too strong and purist views: this is the western Rhineland.
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    Re: Tripod recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by pgk View Post
    Currently I have about 7 or 8 Gitzos
    I understand you.

    Appearently there is a T-A-S.

    Although I already have a Gitzo Studex, a Reporter, a Sport Performance and a Weekend, I ordered two other Gitzos, a Studex Safari and a Reporter Safari (S322, S220) to take photographs at the seashore. I wanted to buy a China clone, a Feisol CT-3442, but then I decided to stay with the things I know. A cheap little Cullman Mondo 525 helped me to make sharp 6x9-negatives with my Fujica, even at 1 sec, but after two weeks in Southern France it starts to be wobbly.

    Merry Christmas
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