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    Greetings from Sherborn MA. I grew up changing my dad's large format film in his darkroom when he ran the photo studio for Macy's in NJ. I still have my old film cameras but am mostly digital now and look forward to rediscovering a bit of my youth here...:-)

    Damon Bates

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    Re: Hi

    Welcome to the LF forum. No end to the advice, support, expertise and information you can find here. I've participated on and off over the years as projects returned me to the view camera realm. Each time it is, as you hint, a rediscovering process, at times memories from younger days. Just recently reopened my darkroom and have been pleasantly surprised at how good it feels to slow down and learn to be patient with the processes. Digital moves so quickly in comparison.

    Good luck with your own adventures with the old film cameras.
    Steve Williams
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    Re: Hi

    Can’t help but think that as the son of the man who ran Macy’s NJ studio, you have the right genes for this group! Welcome!

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    Re: Hi

    Hi Damon, and Welcome Aboard.

    You can expect to receive an unending stream of advice, worth every cent you paid for it.

    Hope you enjoy your return to "real" photography.

    - Leigh
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    Re: Hi

    Welcome, Damon. That's a nice place you have there! (Google maps.) How I miss New England! My earliest years were spent in Stockbridge; we later moved to southern CT through my mid-teens. I have family not far from your area. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here -- another phenomenal "place," as it were.
    Philip U.

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