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Thread: Hi from Arizona

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    Hi from Arizona

    I just got a Toyo Omega View 45D as my first foray into LF. I've been shooting 35mm since I was a kid and MF for a while now too.

    I found this camera in a local shop in excellent shape including 6 film holders, a Kodak Ektar 127/4.7 (vintage 1946), and the original Toyo focusing cloth for $269 which I thought was a pretty good deal.

    I've ordered a box of Arista Edu 100 to start with and the Stearman tank for processing.

    Really looking forward to learning and using this thing

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    Re: Hi from Arizona

    Welcome to the fold. Enjoy your new toy.

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    Re: Hi from Arizona

    Very nice, and welcome. I thought for a moment we had a BEM there.
    --- Steve from Missouri ---

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    Re: Hi from Arizona

    Thanks guys

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