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Thread: Framing Loupe?

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    Framing Loupe?

    I'm new to LF and I have been watching some videos were the photographer adjusts a loupe for what lens they will be using and look through it to figure out their composition. Does anyone know what this is and where to buy one? I appreciate it. Thanks...

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    Re: Framing Loupe?

    Like a director's viewfinder?

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    Re: Framing Loupe?

    Quote Originally Posted by hisforeverplus View Post
    the photographer adjusts a loupe for what lens
    Probably it's an spot meter to decide exposure and possible custom development of the sheet film. If you provide a link to the video and mm:ss we'll know it for sure.

    LF photographers rarely would use external optics for composing (except with on camera viewfinders/rangefinders, usually for handheld shooting), let me make a joke: the masters do compose by just smelling a bit the scene

    Zooms are not used In LF , so if wanting to shot from a certain point (because of perpective) perhaps we won't have the exact focal that is to frame like we want, no problem, we always can shot wider and then cropping the image, we have lots of image quality so often cropping is not an issue and then final framing is decided in the darkroom, but a lot of people won't never crop because their crafting style.

    You may (or should) develop the skills to compose, frame and visualize with just your naked eyes, IMHO this is the best way.

    ...but if you are used to frame with a viewfinder then you can start by doing next: take a cheap Nikon F-65 with a 28-80 zoom (this is lightweight). Make a table where you can check the equivalent SLR focals for each LF lens you have. You will have 2 equivalent focals for each LF lens, one taking the same vertical field and the other for the horizontal one, because of different aspect ratio.

    With that you also will have a very advanced light meter, and you also can bracket the scene in the same 35mm film to later learn if you could have exposed different, as experimenting with sheets it's more painful.

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    Re: Framing Loupe?

    Linhof Multifocus Finder. For 45 it adjusts for lenses from 72 to 360mm and corrects for field size as well as Parallax. Older models of this do not do all of the above.
    Also accepts masks for formats from 6x6cm to 4x5”.

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    Re: Framing Loupe?

    I found that one for close-ups:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It sports an AF subsystem...

    Really, a nice simple solution for close-ups!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Framing Loupe?

    Cut a 4x5" hole in a sheet of cardboard. Hold it 150mm from your eye and you frame the view of a 150mm lens.

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    Re: Framing Loupe?

    you can walk around with a frame cut from cardboard..or if you're hip - matboard

    use the Linhof finder or a directors viewfinder

    there are also apps for your phone or tablet

    you can also walk around with one eye closed and kinda squinting out the open one to get the feel of where you should stick the tripod

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