Hi all,

It's only just come to my attention that you are able to buy and use oversize custom film holders in the Hasselblad / Imacon scanners. I see on eBay that there is a 4x10" holder and instructions on how to programme the custom frame size in Flexcolor. Great!

My question is if anyone out there is using these holders, and also if anyone knows the maximum long edge length possible for a custom frame? I'm wondering because I have both an Imacon 949 (which is limited to scanning film 4" on the short edge) and also a Hasselblad X1 (which can do film 5" on the short edge due to not having the diffuser.) I'm wondering if the X1 could accomodate a 5x12" custom holder, or if that would be too long? In other words, is 10" the length limit? Is anyone out there even using an X1 / 848 to scan 5x7"?

In the meantime I've sent a message to the seller of the holder, but received a message saying he's out of the office to at least the 10th. Thought I'd ask here as well because nothing beats real world experience etc.

Thanks again,