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Thread: Where Do Y’all Stick Your Triggers?

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    M.A. Wikstrom
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    Re: Where Do Y’all Stick Your Triggers?

    I usually lay it on top of the bellows near the lens. My studio camera has a very wide bellows.

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    Re: Where Do Y’all Stick Your Triggers?

    Sounds kind of personal to me.....

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    Re: Where Do Y’all Stick Your Triggers?

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Moe View Post
    Ye Olde Gaff tape must have been shite as it seems I spend a lot time trying to remove the dried up traces. Maybe it was actually the even worse black paper tape.

    I buy modern gaff tape and it seems a bit more user friendly.

    Yeah, never meant to be left on. Even lo-tack painters tape which is designed to come off easily leaves a mess is left too long.
    Tracy Storer
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    Re: Where Do Y’all Stick Your Triggers?

    The cheap clamps you can find online (I bought this one on Amazon) with a 1/4-20 stud or threaded hole work well with a flash cold shoe. I used a ball head cold shoe and it can be oriented a bunch of different ways. I can clamp this to most of my view cameras or to the tripod if need be. It only takes a second to install or remove it.

    You could also mount the cold shoe to a small light stand and place it next to the lens. Either way, no modification to the camera would be required.

    Please forgive the poor cell phone capture....

    Click image for larger version. 

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