To start, I realize there is another intrepid related thread just below this, but having read through it I felt it was different from what I am asking. That said, if I should move this question to that thread just let me know and I will....Now to the question:

How many people here have had experiences, good or bad, with the Intrepid 8x10?

Im looking to start shooting 8x10, some film, but mostly plates, and am indecisive about what camera to start out with. Initially I had been thinking about trying to sell/trade my 5x7 Graflex series B and using the money to purchase either an older camera like a Kodak 2D, Ansco or even a tailboard camera or cheaper more modern camera like a Toyo, but when I saw the prices for the Intrepid 8x10 I started thinking about that as a way to get a "cheap" 8x10 and keep my graflex. My only worry is that I am not sure how well an Intrepid would hold up. I know that the older cameras, though they may not be in perfect condition, are obviously built to last and will likely keep working for some time to come with proper care. With the Intrepid I worry about craftsmanship, and how well the materials will hold up over time, especially when it comes to things like using plywood for the body and bungee for the spring back rather than actual metal springs and the like. And since I plan on using the camera for wet plate I also wonder how well it will hold up to that process. I think the camera would be great for me, especially given the light weight and portability, if it will last, but I have my doubts.

Basically I was wondering of anyone has any comments on how well their cameras have held up over the time they have used them or if there are any other variables I should be thinking about that I have not considered.