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Thread: Epson v700 scanner glass

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    Re: Epson v700 scanner glass

    Quote Originally Posted by Two23 View Post
    I need to remove the glass from my v700 and clean the backside. What do I use--Windex? Alcohol? I think one of those two might damage a coating.

    Kent in SD
    I used Windex. It works well. But make sure to do it in a dust free environment and be sure to blow off any lint, dust, etc. and allow the Windex to evaporate before you reassemble it. I have to do this every year or so due to outgassing of the plastics. It's not too difficult to do, provided you can secure a dust free room.

    To the OP, I wouldn't worry about the color of the glass, unless it's really noticeable. You can correct for that in post processing. I mean, color negative film has a pretty hard yellow cast to it, and people still can correct for it, so a tiny bit of green tint, won't mean much.

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    Re: Epson v700 scanner glass

    As long as your glass plate covers the underside calibration strip, coloring within the glass is usually pretty well compensated for by the scanning software.

    Remember, when cleaning inside your scanner you do not want to get any fluid or specs of dirt on the calibration strip.


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    Re: Epson v700 scanner glass

    Thanks Doug and Jim,

    The calibration strip is good and yes, the other thing to note is not to use paper towels !! Although the paper does clean nicely it does leave bits of itself behind.

    I think I'm good to go...

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