@docw, Tech Pan is a slow film that can age well. A user's problem is to tame that film's natural high contrast. D-76 and Hc-110 will give you high contrast. Someone here has recently posted EK's dat sheet for that film, which should give you some help. Both variations of EK's Technidol developer are long discontinued, though. I'm sure that there have been many discussions about TP on this forum- I would suggest that you try Formulary TD-3 as your developer. A difficult film to master by all accounts, but it can provide results hard to obtain with any other film. Anchell & Troop's "Film Developer Cookbook" will be a valuable resource.

Both Royal Pan and Royal-X Pan were discontinued by the time I graduated from 35mm in the early '80s, so I have no experience with them. (I did have fun with 2475 Recording film before that, though.)
But HC-110 in a fairly weak dilution would seem to be a good choice for those films.