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Thread: One more question while I'm here - why Large Format?

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    Re: One more question while I'm here - why Large Format?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Fromm View Post
    Two quite unrelated thoughts.

    Daniel, I'm all for solidarity among Daniels but I have to disagree a little with you. Topcor lenses for the 2x3 Horseman cameras are quite competitive with equivalent lenses from the big four.
    Hi Dan,

    you are completely right! especially because these Topcor lenses were calculated for medium format that has to be enlarged. The reason I mentioned the large format lenses is that the Horseman VHR offers the possibility to do some 4x5 work, with the adapter. I do not know wether the image circle of a medium format Topcor is large enough ...

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    Re: One more question while I'm here - why Large Format?

    "Slowing down and putting the controls on manual" can be inspiring.

    But paying too much attention to technique could be very annoying.

    Of course, you "can always bring out the Rollei if [you] want to be spontaneous."

    But with a Linhof Technika like Horseman VH or VHR you will be much more spontanous as with the Rollei, because the whole setup with three or four lenses is lighter, you will have between-the-lens shutters that require lighter tripods than focal-plane shutters, you will have got plenty of film holder possibilities up to 4x5 (even the Mamiya RB67 film holder is lighter than the one from Rollei), you can attach a hand grip to hand hold the camera, it will be more compact and transportable, the camera is more weatherproof than a Rolleiflex, it works without electricity etc.

    BTW. There is a very good remedy for G.A.S., Andreas Feiningers educational books on photography:

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