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Thread: 12" Velostigmat II uncorking help please

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    Re: 12" Velostigmat II uncorking help please

    Good job. You'll have to try different solvents, it could be just about anything. Is it hard, or soft? If it's soft, just wipe it out with a rag. If not, start with household clearners, like isopropyl alcohol and Simple Green. If that doesn't do anything and it's not melting, try Lighter Fluid or Kerosene. Try not to get it on the edge of the glass, it could start to dissolve the balsam cement between the elements.

    Lube with some high temperature silicone grease, very little needed.

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    Re: 12" Velostigmat II uncorking help please

    Thanks Garrett. Best description would be softish, fairly easily removed with a jeweller's screwdriver and then most smears off onto a cloth. I work at a high school so will give some samples of the crud to the science technicians, they should be able to tell me which solvent to use.

    Thankfully the front element stands alone - the other in this front half of the barrel (at the rear of it) came out with removal of a retaining bezel.

    High temperature silicone grease - as used in cars for bearings etc?

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    Re: 12" Velostigmat II uncorking help please

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sawyer View Post
    The beauty ring may not be removable if it's even slightly out-of-round. The restricting screw is fairly small, and made of brass. Someone with strong hands and a good grip may be able to shear the screw off by shear force. I had to do that to one of mine.
    I've done them both ways. The hard way, carefully removing the front part with all the writing on it, and the easy way, yep, guilty. The easy way is to get two pieces of old inner tube, put that whole front group on the floor, (with rear element of front group removed and safe) with everything protected by the rubber, then with your foot, just give the top such a twist that the tiny brass screw sheers off, and voila. The pain is over in seconds. You can uncork to your hearts delight.
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