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Thread: How do you scan 4x5 with a DSLR?

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    Re: How do you scan 4x5 with a DSLR?

    If you are going to stitch multiple shots together, I'd rig up a copy stand and be sure to move the negative around under the lens rather than tilting/panning the camera, to minimize distortion

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    Re: How do you scan 4x5 with a DSLR?

    Thank you all for the replies, and for the link to the tripod attachment. I think the copy stand idea is what I will go for. Time to hunt for one of those.
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    Re: How do you scan 4x5 with a DSLR?

    I attach my DSLR to the rear standard of my Sinar and then use clamps and a light table with a negative taped to it attached to the front standard. Scanning is prettt starlight forward from there.

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