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Thread: Opening in Rockland, Maine

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    Opening in Rockland, Maine

    Just want to announce my solo opening, at 5pm on Friday, Oct. 5th, at the Stanhope and Spencer Gallery, located on 342 Main St. in Rockland, Maine, just a few steps down the street from the Farnsworth. Originally scheduled to run for the month of October, it now looks like this show may run right through December.

    This opening is part of the monthly "First Friday" gallery event in there will be lots of other great venues to check out also.

    At any rate, my exhibit will feature a number of large works, all analog-only (film and darkroom - fun printing up the big stuff!) - 30x40's framed out to 36x48, plus an equal number of 20x30's, from locations ranging from the ocean's edge in the northeast, to New Hampshire's white mountains, to the desert southwest, plus a couple from my own backyard.

    I'll try to have a couple of my "Layton" cameras (L-1 and L-45A) on hand a the opening also. Should be fun!

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    Re: Opening in Rockland, Maine

    Good luck John, doing a solo show is a great experience, sometimes bad it all depends on the audience, I have had a couple of bummers and a couple of good ones.

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    Re: Opening in Rockland, Maine

    Congrats !

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    Re: Opening in Rockland, Maine

    Thanks for the heads up John. Don't think I can make it for the opening, but my wife and I go to Rockland every few months to get away, so will be sure to check out your work

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    Re: Opening in Rockland, Maine

    Congratulations, good luck in your show.

    The generosity of spirit in this forum is great, its warmly appreciated.

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    Re: Opening in Rockland, Maine

    Sounds good. I hope to be there. First Friday is a pretty popular event.

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    Re: Opening in Rockland, Maine

    We hope to get up to Rockland in a couple of weeks. The CMCA and Dowling Walsh are always great and now we can add your show to the list of "must sees". Congrats.

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    Re: Opening in Rockland, Maine

    Congrats John, I can attest after seeing your work at Camera Commons Gallery yesterday a solo show of your work should be a must see for all who appreciate great Photography, analog or otherwise.

    Real photographs are born wet !

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    Re: Opening in Rockland, Maine

    John, congratulations and enjoy the show. Have fun!!

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    Re: Opening in Rockland, Maine

    Thanks, John, for taking time to discuss your work and methods when you should have been unpacking and setting up for your show. Your work is amazing. Everyone should visit the gallery and enjoy the show.

    Traveling with the family on vacation, I only had today in Rockland. Again, thanks for your time.
    Bill Kumpf

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