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Thread: Anyone can have a show (?)

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    Re: Anyone can have a show (?)

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Moe View Post
    Yesterday while waiting for a local college bus, there was an unhealthy looking guy vaping like a lunatic, perhaps 50 years old. He looked a like a severe addict. I asked him how much of that do you smoke. He showed me a 4 oz bottle that lasts a week, he claimed $1 a day, bought online. He was really going at it for about 10 minutes. Huffing, pacing, twitching, watching his stuff and moving it always closer to him.

    Then the bus arrived and he switched with the driver and became my bus driver.

    Barbara was wondering what the drivers are on. Yikes.

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    Re: Anyone can have a show (?)

    Wealth and collecting Art as investment.

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    Re: Anyone can have a show (?)

    Photography is art, and what is important in art varies greatly over time.

    A person does not say, this is an awful photographs but I bought it because it had good texture, contrast, or image quality; they bought it because they liked it. Typically it touched their emotions.

    I biggest advantage of the internet sales is it filter out all the "expert" opinions. People buy what they like, not what other tell them they should like.

    Those folks who sell art, cater to their specific costumer base. I would not expect a Texas western art dealer to sell much in the way of impressionist still life art.

    Unless your sales are because of your name recognition or have some other intrinsic value, they are just another photograph.

    Ansel Adams photographs did not sell because he liked them, they sold because others liked them. He new what folks liked and how to make it.

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    Re: Anyone can have a show (?)

    I have a message from a late middle-age amateur photographer who is a billionaire living in Monaco.
    Does he want to purchase any silver prints?

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    Re: Anyone can have a show (?)

    whats his email address?

    hahahaha maybe we have a rich sucker?

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