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Thread: Demand for Drum Scanning in Canada/Vancouver area?

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    Demand for Drum Scanning in Canada/Vancouver area?

    Hey everyone,

    As I recently acquired a drum scanner, I was considering in the future possibly offering my services to everyone. Is there any demand for a cheaper drum scanning service in Canada? Personally I think that the prices that most shops ask for is a little bit ridiculous, except for the top-tier professional. Do you think that people would be interested?


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    Re: Demand for Drum Scanning in Canada/Vancouver area?

    Who knows... since you already have the machine (cash or payments?) If cash you wont have debt breathing down your neck to make payments. Get comfortable with the unit and master it. Then offer your services, you never know until you try.
    --- Steve from Missouri ---

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    Re: Demand for Drum Scanning in Canada/Vancouver area?

    I would be interested. Really depends on the quality of scans more than the price tbh. No point in sending film away for scanning if I'm not getting the best possible results.

    I believe that ABC color offers drum scans in Vancouver already so that would be your main competitor.

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