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Thread: Jobo CPA2 / CPP2 Motor Upgrade

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    Jobo CPA2 / CPP2 Motor Upgrade

    I'm looking at trying to upgrade an early model Jobo CPA2 with the upgraded motor that can handle the 3000 series expert drums.

    So far I've found that you can use a BMW wiper motor or buy a new motor from Jobo. However, Jobo's tech bulletin mention's that there is a different circuit board to run the upgraded motor. Also there is a "new-style conical drive shaft, with a screw tap to lock in the main drive cog."

    Has anyone done this motor/cog and circuit board upgrade?

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    Re: Jobo CPA2 / CPP2 Motor Upgrade

    You may contact koh303:
    He is the expert around.
    Please let us know how do you proceed.

    The generosity of spirit in this forum is great, its warmly appreciated.

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