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Thread: BIG camera.

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    Re: BIG camera.

    Id take a selfie with this one.

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    Zak Baker

    "Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter."
    Ansel Adams

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    Re: BIG camera.

    But your later work with the hangar-cam would be boring...

    I have actually printed negatives from the 'Boston Camera'. A couple of images were sent to us when I was at Kodak. We had no information about the camera but did some speculating... it seems that we weren't too far off.
    The contact prints were sharp, to be sure, but I doubt that the few negs we saw had the 'golf-ball' resolution mentioned in the article. They were extremely impressive; panoramic oblique aerial views that must have had the horizon 100 miles away, perhaps, still clear. Especially impressive when we found out, later, that they dated from 1956.

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    Re: BIG camera.

    I guess mine is pretty big, though I have never shot any film with it - perhaps one day...?
    And technically it is "non-stationary" since it is the bathroom of my "mobile" home. The lens has a F/L of 54", mounted in a sheet of plywood covering the window.

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    Re: BIG camera.

    Quote Originally Posted by seezee View Post
    On a not too serious note;

    last year I was in South India with my family, we were in Udagamandalam, or better know as Ooty, a hill station were the British went to escape the horrible summer heat and huminity. Now a polulair site for Indian tourist..and a few dutch..;-)..

    There is this weird Dino park (thunder World) and to my surprise also a hughe camera collection, quite varied, including a rather sloppy replica of above camera, presented as the large camera ever...



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    Re: BIG camera.

    Quote Originally Posted by Light Guru View Post

    Id take a selfie with this one.

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    For some reason it always irks me that they call it "The Great Picture" when they only have a negative.

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