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Thread: What is the largest format camera that you have seen ever?

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    Re: What is the largest format camera that you have seen ever?


    We are not that far away by miles

    But I don't drive anymore
    Tin Can

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    Re: What is the largest format camera that you have seen ever?

    I used a Graflex 4x5 camera while in school.

    Even made sports photos back then with the camera.

    That is the largest format camera I’ve seen!

    Now, the largest I use, is medium format.

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    Re: What is the largest format camera that you have seen ever?

    In person and in use -- a couple 20x24 Polaroid cameras. Or maybe the same camera twice. First in a studio situation (actually in a classroom where I assisted the photographer be making ghost images on watercolor paper), and once in the field (unsuccessful due to hot dry conditions creating light leaks).

    I have an 11x14 and have used a 7x17.
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    Re: What is the largest format camera that you have seen ever?

    My group made halftones with a horizontal copy camera in a University Graphic Communications class...30" x 30" camera, maybe?
    I was team leader, since I had LF experience.
    Never quite caught on to "units" of light, however.
    The best part was we used a couple of my images, so I got free halftones.

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    Re: What is the large format camera that you have seen ever?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Barlow View Post
    Years ago, Richard Ritter brought a 20x24 camera to my house to make an "Owner's Manual" video in my basement. The camera was going to Sweden, if I remember correctly.

    It was a special one that he made a 3' non-tapered module for more bellows. In total, it had 9 feet of bellows extension.
    The 3' module could be removed for field work.
    It needed 3 tripods.
    Late to the show, but if you wanted to use ‘just’ six or seven feet of bellows, “only” two tripods were needed. A pair of “Magic Arms” on each end did the trick. But for the full nine feet, three tripods.

    The rest of the time, one tripod and a Magic Arm sufficed.

    Yes Sweden, then Nashville and now just down the road from Richard.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20x24 Ritter 1 - 1.jpg   20x24 Ritter 5 - 1.jpg   20x24 Ritter 2 - 1.jpg  
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