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Thread: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

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    Re: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

    Am now using a glass! bottle of Photo-Flo which I bought in 1970 or 1971. Hidden behind other bottles till I did a complete clean up of the darkroom a few years ago.

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    Re: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

    Wow, Pere, the fact that you could write out that molecule leaves me quite impressed!
    Peter Collins

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    Re: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Collins View Post
    Wow, Pere, the fact that you could write out that molecule leaves me quite impressed!
    It's quite straight, just google msds with the name of any product

    in the safety datasheet of the product you find the ingredients...

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    Re: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

    When the negative influence of darkroom workers of low character are too close for too long?
    I tend to procrastinate on stuff. One of these days I'll do something about it.

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    Re: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

    Got to thinking this afternoon about how the algae(?) growth got into the Tween 20. Could it be that it became contaminated over time from air that entered while the bottle was open when counting out drops for the sensitizer and/or not flushing out the air in the dropper when capping? The algae or whatever settles to the bottom of the bottle so if I don't shake the bottle as I normally do I could draw from the top and avoid the gunk, But at 3 years is it still good?


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