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Thread: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

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    Re: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Collins View Post
    I have 2 containers--size: 1 pint (475ml) each--of Photo-Flo 200 in plastic bottles. Both are about 3/4 full. One is from 2000, the other, 2004. At the rate I use the stuff, I have enough to last a very long time.
    It goes bad when the bottle is empty.

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    Re: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

    It doesn't go bad, but if in a bottle that was capped in an environment where contaminants were present, it could mix with solution...

    PF solutions are usually mixed very strong, leaving remains as haze or tracks of liquid remains on materials, so the use of as little as possible is required... I experimented with this long ago and found the proper solution for the PF 200 stock (from bottle)... First, go to a pharmacy to get a small glass dropper bottle, and add stock 1:2 (1/3 of the dropper bottle) into it and fill the rest with distilled water... For working solutions, use 1 drop per liter in distilled water... Only allow film to bathe in solution for 30 second, as it will start penetrating emulsion and can dry with a haze once solution starts coming to surface when dry...

    This can be used for prints also at half the dilution as above...

    The other trick for haze free drying of materials is after washing is a final soak for at least 10 minutes in distilled or deionized water before PF bath to soak out minerals from the wash water that are deep in materials...

    My experience is from using the hard water of the SW that tends to leave a mineral haze on materials...

    Steve K

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    Re: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chauncey Walden View Post
    When it is bottled. Use Edwal LFN.
    Rick Allen

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    Re: When does Photo-Flo go bad?

    Quote Originally Posted by photog_ed View Post
    I have some photo-flo that I've been using for about 50 years, and it was old when I got it. It seems to work fine.
    Still rockin the bottle I bought in 1972 or so

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