After years I come back a-begging for Howtek advice! My 4500 has intermittent problems that, I assume, have never actually been found. It will work flawlessly for days, then simply refuse, throwing up 702 errors, occasionally some others. Usually some amount of sitting, and/or prodding, belt and lamp replacements, re-seating boards, chants, neighbor's pets sacrificed, it'll work again. But never with any confidence anything was actually solved. Sometimes it will fail when initiating a scan, sometimes part way through. Or, it may just give me a great scan after doing nothing. It passes the utility tests handlily, I usually loop each one and let it run a while, looking for an error, but it's performing the tests with flying colors these days. One clue- sometimes it seems the drum spin down, or bulb off, doesn't happen, in tests. Sometimes when initiating a scan (that fails) the bulb never comes on during the initialtion phase, and then the error pops up, it also seems to me that sometimes after initiating, the drum spins up rapidly, the never slows to whatever speed it's supposed to to complete startup tasks. I can't be sure of exactly what's happening, because I don't recall the exact routine with regard to spinning up, down, bulb on/off steps during a successful scan startup.
I'd need to record it, hoping to get some fails, and some successes, to vid with my phone.
In the meantime, if this spin up/down, and bulb on/off thing brings any ideas to mind, please let me know. Does this routine come from the software, firmware? Or is it "built-in" when initialed by the host? Aging scsi cable perhaps?
Thanks for any thoughts, I think I'll try to record some of this.