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Thread: 240 f-11 APO GRAPHIGON

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    Re: 240 f-11 APO GRAPHIGON

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon View Post
    ...... and within the optimal range of the lens!
    Agreed, the range of a Rodagon is typically 6x for a longer lens down to 2:1. The Apo-Rodagon is 3:1 to 1:3. L

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    Re: 240 f-11 APO GRAPHIGON

    Quote Originally Posted by John Brady View Post
    So I have the Rodagon 5.6 240mm, (not the apo), but some pretty serious separation. Any suggestions on repair or start over?
    I canít tell if S.K Grimes does that type of repair or if it can even be done?
    It is possible to repair, if one is willing to pay the price, but once repaired it will never meet original factory spec! Much cheaper to just look for a good one.


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