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Thread: Better Scanning Advice

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    Better Scanning Advice

    Hello Everyone

    I ordered betterscanning kit however did not receive the ANR glass due to an unknown issue despite included in the order. It will be sent soon however is there any way to use it without it? The holder is quite useless without the glass for 4x5 negs it seems unless I'm missing something.
    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Better Scanning Advice

    Cut a piece of a regular window glass (with polished edges...) as a temporary substitute of the anr glass, place the emulsion side facing to the glass and you'll have not many newton rings, perhaps none.

    You have another choice that's wet mounting the negatives on the window glass, with wet mounting the window glass will perform perfectly. For that you will need mylar sheets and mounting fluid, but you can start with alternative resources, Johnson's Baby Oil as mounting fluid or other alternatives, there are also alternatives for the mylar sheets easily available.

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