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Thread: Cambo Wide Focus Adjustment Help Needed

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    Cambo Wide Focus Adjustment Help Needed

    I have a Cambo Wide 750 that needs the hyperfocal focus scale adjusted. As it is now it is not getting infinity sharp. I assume this is something I can do myself, if I only knew how. So, how do I do it? Loosen some screws, big wrench....

    Also,any idea what to set the focus distance at? I'm thinking about 25 feet That's according to Schneider, but I don't know what size circle of confusion they used—I want to print up to 20x24

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    Re: Cambo Wide Focus Adjustment Help Needed

    do you have a ground glass back? It should be possible to check focus and distance scale using that, then adjust the scale to suit. The helicoids can be adjusted though generally they shouldn't need to be. But I think 3 screws radially hold the two pieces together, and once loosened should allow re-positioning if need be.

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    Re: Cambo Wide Focus Adjustment Help Needed

    What Ed Sawyer wrote. Good stuff.

    Bear in mind that a hyper-focal metric is a reasonable compromise but it does not satisfy everyone, and being happy with the outcome also depends upon the size of the print and viewing distance. Finally, there is only one plane of focus.

    Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

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