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Thread: Hello from Maine

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    Re: Hello from Maine

    I've been there before, a few times, but not this year. Agreed, a nice place, good trails and overall a worthwhile destination.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xia_Ke View Post
    Laudholm Farm. You can walk the trail down (about a mile) to the far end of Drakes Island Beach and it's always very quiet at that end because there is no parking nearby. Luadholm itself is also picturesque with some nice hiking trails and I think it's actually cheaper for day use there than paying to park at the beach.

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    Re: Hello from Maine

    Quote Originally Posted by DiscoShrew View Post
    Greetings from a Massachusetters who totally wishes they were in Maine instead!
    Thanks for the welcome. You should come on up! We have actually been getting quite a few people from Mass moving to my area. They say that they can buy a lot more home here for the $$$ and that it's worth the extra 1/2 hour commute over moving West in-state.

    Quote Originally Posted by Neal Chaves View Post
    I lived in Seacoast New Hampshire from 1978 to 1991 and photographed from Cape Anne Massachusetts to Portland, Maine, mostly in 8X10 B&W. My favorite locations were Bass Rocks in Gloucester, MA, Rye Beach, NH, The Nubble at York Beach, ME and Kennebunkport, ME. I am printing up years of work now and will be posting images soon. Here's one rare Attachment 182159color image from 6X9 Fuji Color negative.
    Thanks for the welcome. I look forward to seeing what you have captured. My wife's family is from York and will actually be heading there shortly for family BBQ. I'm staying clear of the Nubble for another month or so though, traffic is too crazy there still on

    Quote Originally Posted by Pere Casals View Post
    Hello Aaron, I'm also a newcomer to LF.

    As you have a backgorund on film, let me explain what I found in my adaptation from rolls to LF.

    As you may know, with sheets we have the opportunity to make a custom development for each individual shot, allowing to get a refined quality from the medium, and making the wet printing process straighter.

    With rolls this is less common, because we usually make a development that has to be good for all shots in the roll. In LF many photographers do include the N+/- processing in the metering process, so processing and metering are decided at shooting time, we usualy write the N +/- in a label on the film holder...

    Then, in LF, bracketing is more expensive in materials and in manpower terms, and some times (rather bracketing) the photographer takes two shots with same exposure to have a backup.

    For this reason (IMHO) LF photographers tend to control very well all processing, and its customization.

    I would recommend a reading of Beyond The Zone System book, for example (it can be found used very cheap), if you have not read similar literature, and Darkroom Cookbook.

    Sure you know about that the camera movements, etc also requires and adaptation, while offering amazing aestehetical resources, but just I wanted to mention that when engaging LF reviewing N+/- theory can be important.


    PD: Beyond the very good resources in LFPF, here you have a perfect quick guide to nail base exposures:
    Thanks for the welcome Pere. I'm familiar with the Zone System, speed testing film, etc from when I dabbled in 4x5 years ago and still use it to some extent when shooting MF. I never did get too much into utilizing movements though and am hoping to step up my printing game. Not sure why I never ventured here earlier

    Quote Originally Posted by EdSawyer View Post
    I've been there before, a few times, but not this year. Agreed, a nice place, good trails and overall a worthwhile destination.
    Thanks for the welcome Ed. Let me know if you venture up this way again and want to grab a beer or do some shooting

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