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Thread: Nostalgia: Old Van

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    Nostalgia: Old Van

    Took this Saturday. Having my house painted which it badly needs, and need to clear out some old nostalgia, like my van which hasn't been driven in years. I've left it where it was because it infuriated people, especially friends and neighbours who thought it a disposable eyesore. I kinda like it . . . . and my Mom gave it to me back in 1984. It could have been restored years ago, but the old fella is past that now. I guess it's time to haul it away for parts.

    I back up onto a green belt; the front of the house is far less ramshackle. But the back set the scene . . . figured I'd try to make a "nostalgia" shot, like an old album picture. Intrepid 4x5, Fujinon-W 150mm f5.6 lens, 1/30th at f13 or so, Foma 400 film developed in Pyrocat HD. "Toned" in GIMP. Farewell 'ol buddy.

    Thanks for looking in.

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    Re: Nostalgia: Old Van

    Been photographing a lot of old cars on the streets of San Francisco, so this shot is right up my alley, nice job. Don’t know if I would get rid of the van, it’s only going to get better with age.


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    Re: Nostalgia: Old Van

    Oh I don't need to hear that, Roger!!

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    Re: Nostalgia: Old Van

    Nice shot!

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